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Re: FC7 Test2 can't be installed on vmware

I saw this same same issue with Vmware server under Linux. I just
removed the scsi hd, and created and IDE hd for the vmware image and
it worked. Though this shows that the fedora install enviroment is
missing (or just not loading) the scsi driver need for Vmware scsi

On 3/3/07, 孙宗君 <szj087 gmail com> wrote:
Hi, all

I download FC7 Test2 DVD image. But it reports that "No valid devices were
found on which to create new file systems, Please check you hardware for the
cause of this problem" when I install it on vmware

My system is P4 with Window XP SP2. Vmware server is 1.0.

Does FC7 Test2 support installation on vmware or SATA harddisk?


Best Regards

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