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RE: FW: F7 T2 Security Leak?

Note that I dit not change anything from the installation. So if there's a problem with the sreen lock, the cd's are spinned down with that problem. And why not calling it a security leak? Anything related to a password and access, ... is as far as I know security...


Jesse Keating wrote:

> On Sunday 04 March 2007 12:10:13 Michaël Vanderheeren wrote:
>> There are 2 accounts on a computer, call them A and B. Each account has
>> it's own different password.
>> Person A starts up the computer and logs in. But at a certain point
>> person B wants to use his account for 5 minutes. So he uses the Fast User
>> Switch. As this happens person A's account stays active. But… person B
>> can switch back to person A's account without entering a password! So if
>> person A is gone for a while, person B can steal his documents, delete
>> files, …
> Fast User Switching by default enables the screen lock when a user is
> switched
> away from.  Could there be a problem with your screen lock?
> Please keep in mind that any assumption of security is completely out of
> the water if folks have physical access to your computer, which they must
> have for fast user switching.

This comment is a bit extreme.  True, in principal there is no security
without physical security - but that hardly means we should offer an open

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