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Re: What applications do people use?

On 3/5/07, nodata <lsof nodata co uk> wrote:
Please can you make it less work for us and add the feature to that
hardware profile sender thing?

uhm... smolt would need to be drastically redesigned to make that
possible. Since application use is a per-user statistic, and smolt is
designed for per operating system stats which does not leak personal
information. I'm pretty sure its a bad idea to have smolt track per
user activity. I have no problem with smolt being available by default
as an opt-in service at install time, if its only tracking hardware
information. I'd have a pretty serious problem with it being a default
opt-in service that tracked individual user activity.

If you don't want to sign up to mugshot, don't. But since this
'service' is tracking individual users, then it definitely need to be
a 'service' that individual users MUST register for to participate. As
an admin for multi-users systems, I will fight you tooth and nail to
keep this sort of 'service' as a per-user registration required opt-in

-jef"wtf can't mugshot support online services I actually use.... and
how the frell do I request the mugshot maintainers to add support for
specific individual services?"spaleta

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