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Re: VNC development plan - discuss

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 11:13:31AM +0100, Adam Tkac wrote:
> >  
> Of course that duplications are really good thinks. I love when I can 
> select best application for my requirement. I want put this packages 
> away because x11vnc has same functions like that packages but brings 
> many new options. If I try compare this change with something I think it 
> is same like you have two standard cars and you could substitute it by 
> one rolls-royce (quite extreme comparsion:) )

Not anybody like rolls-royces. For reasons known only by users they may 
prefer standard cars. As long as somebody is interested in providing
standard cars, this should be done. Of course if the design/requirements 
of different programs are exactly the same and one is better then it 
may go away, but it should happen naturally, with upstream stopping 
to do the duplicate work and work on the best alternative, then the
package would be deprecated in fedora. Once again, as long as the
package is living somewhere and somebody is interested in maintaining it
it should be in fedora. 

In the particular case of those vnc servers I doubt they are exact


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