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Re: VNC development plan - discuss

Adam Tkac <atkac <at> redhat.com> writes:

> features than actual "real desktop" servers. So two programs could be 
> removed and one added => cost of maintaining and bugfixing could be 
> lower. In next stage we could discuss about standardized RFB protocol 
> library which could be used by all vnc servers in distro. In the end we 
> could have one rfb library which will be used by all servers (and 
> viewers), one real server, one virtual server and X module. What do you 
> think about this idea?
> Regards, Adam

Hi Adam

I was unclear about what is envisaged here but whatever solution is ultimately
adopted I hope that there will still be the option to access a remote machine
running a vnc server as a module which will allow access to the remote desktop
via an ssh tunnel before any user logs in - for some remote maintenance and help
this facility is really important.

You have done an excellent job maintaining vnc till now.


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