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Re: Jabber, JIngle, VoIP, telepathy - howto ?

On 3/6/07, Anuj Verma (Kevin) <kevin verma gmail com> wrote:

I am sorry to post this to devel list, but I guess this should better get
some initial insight & help from developers for now.

I will like to know how to get VoIP working on Fedora using Jabber
clients supported by libjingle & telepathy ?

Please provide some pointers to help me get started.

You can start here:

I did get Tapiocaui installed on my FC6 system at one point way back
wehn but it wasn't working well so I removed it. I think client
development on Tapiocaui has switched over to Landell:

and Tapioca remains the name for the lower level libraries.

Not sure if anyone is bundling up a yummable rpm for any of this though.


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