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Re: How does new F7 schedule affect Firefox

Christopher Aillon wrote:
Bojan Smojver wrote:
Now that the planned release date for F7 is 24 May 2007 (a month after
EOL for FF 1.5)

Apologies for the delayed response, I was on vacation.

EOL is misleading here. The Mozilla Corporation will be transferring maintainership away from themselves simply because they do not have the resources to continue pushing out builds for it.

    With over 40 officially supported language locales on the 3
    platforms, with installer, non-installer, "update" and source,
    there's a rather large number of files that need to built and
    then put through testing (I think I managed to remember all the
    variants, but I might have missed one or two.)  This gets done
    many times in the days leading up to the release.  I don't
    blame them for wanting to stop doing releases for it.  That's
    even before they start playing around with the various

If Firefox were closed-source, it truly would be EOL when the entity controlling it decides it is. Since it isn't, then the nature of open source takes over. When Mozilla.org stops supporting it, others in the Mozilla community will. I've already announced that Red Hat will take on this responsibility at least until 3.0 is released.

When Mozilla.org stops supporting it, are they willing to let Red Hat add patches and release new versions under the Firefox name?


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