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Re: pup: boon or curse? quicker updates or slower updates?

On 09.03.2007 08:27, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
On most machines, I just removed pup and yum-updatesd. Go figure.
I do not use pup, and switched off yum-updatesd.

So do/did I -- one reason was the slow start up of yum-updatesd (#220614), that slowed down the boot-process on my laptop quite a lot.

[...] and the fact that it locks up yum is an added problem.

A really annoying one if you ask me -- would it be possible that command line yum simply talks to yum-updatesd via d-bus and says "hey, yum-updatesd background task, the users wants to do something interactively now which is way more important then your business -- so quickly go sleeping for a while! (read: f... off)"?

Just for completeness: I'd use yum-updatesd if both problems mentioned above would get fixed. That way I'd get notified via pup about pending updates. I'd probably still would not use pup itself, as it always asks for the root password -- it's way easier for me to call "sudo yum update"(¹).

And, BTW, if we're doing pup/yum-updatesd bashing here then lets do it for real (sorry jeremy (²)): I'm one of those 56 people in the CC list of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=212507 as I hit that bug on one of my machines, too. That bug is quite annoying and harmful. Jeremy, can I as a ordinary users without much programming skills help you somehow to get it resolved?


(¹) -- there is a way to configure consolehelper to not ask me for the root password (aka sudo like functionality), but I never found time to figure it out. Is that stuff documented/described somewhere properly in a step-by-step-guide-for-dummies-like-thl somewhere?

(²) -- as I mentioned already on fedora-advisory-list: jeremy does a great job, but we could need some more jeremy's afaics. Yes, other rh and community developers do a great job, too, but a lot of (read: to much) serious stuff in fedora-land afaics depends on jeremy -- but his days afaics also have only 24 hours and he needs a chance for a real life, too ;-)

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