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Re: Thread Hijack - Our package management GUI tools need improvement

Tim Lauridsen wrote:
6. Download needed packages.
6. Depends on the size of the packages to be downloaded, network bandwidth and the how fast the mirrors are.

Two things could improve package downloading...

1) apt-get can download packages in parallel from multiple mirrors. This doesn't help everyone, but it does help in many cases where your personal bandwidth is much larger than the limited rate from a single mirror.

Could this be implemented as a yum plugin?  I dunno.

2) Ahmed Kamal has been working on a potentially sane implementation of deltarpm for Fedora's yum. Theoretically, it would work as an optional yum plugin. If the deltarpm is substantially smaller than an RPM update, then the deltarpm is provided on a mirror. If the deltarpm is not provided, then yum downloads the original RPM instead. If it downloaded a deltarpm, it reconstructs the original RPM and uses GPG to verify integrity just like yum would verify plain RPM downloads.

Ahmed probably could use some developer and testing help. I've been encouraging him to be more communicative about his project in order to get more help, but I haven't seen any further outreach lately.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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