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Re: repoview in our repositories

That would actually be great, having %{name}.html, so you could link to it
and not have it be supplanted by a new version.  Maybe make this new
functionality an option and have the old behaviour available.  I don't
care which is the default, but that's a great idea.

Disclaimer: I run a local private yum repo, and I have a 144k sync IDSL
connection.  Do the math.  I would totally love this. :)))))

> I believe the repoview pages in the Extras repository still cause some
> mirrors to choke on mirroring many hundreds to thousands of regenerated
> html files all few days:
>   extras-tree$ find . -name \*.html|wc -l
>   61450
> That's how many html pages are in Extras 5+6+devel presently!
> The reason is that although repoview doesn't need to create all its web
> pages from scratch, it changes many of them too often due to the many
> package versions in them, which point to adjacent packages.
> For example:
> http://wftp.tu-chemnitz.de/pub/linux/fedora-core-extras/development/i386/repodata/repoview/yap-devel-0-5.1.1-3.fc7.html
> The navigation bar at the left contains links to 20 packages, which come
> before and after "yap-devel" in the alphabetically sorted list of package
> names. It links to web page file names, which contain not only the package
> name, but also version and release. Changing any of the 20 packages
> changes the web pages for all its neighbours. Plus, the navigation bar
> lists not only the latest package release, but all releases (which is by
> design) found in the repo metadata, although it hides the version-release
> and causes confusion.
> The more often packages in the neighbourhood of one package are changed,
> added or removed, the more web pages are updated due to the heavy use of
> package versions in them. Even deleting an old package release triggers
> such a rebuild of a chain of web pages.
> IMO, we would do better in the short-term if we modified repoview to
> simplify the web page file names to just "%{name}.html". Then a package
> page would only be updated if the package changed actually or if
> the list of its 19 neighbours changed.
> What is the estimated popularity of the repoview pages on our master
> download site and on the mirrors? Perhaps there are even plans on
> making a public interface to the package database obsolete repoview?
> Comments?
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novus ordo absurdum

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