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Announcing yum-merge-conf, a yum plugin to merge configuration files

Dear Fedoreans,

Having followed the debate over whether to flag init scripts as %config
files, I thought that there's a feature of another package manager that I
liked: when a config file has changed, it asks you if you want to keep your
local copy or if you want to install the package's version.
RPM is non-interactive, so it's not supposed to do this. But I thought this
could be implemented in a yum plugin.

I've written a plugin which does just this:

Add the --merge-conf command line option to your yum update, and it will ask
you what to do with those .rpm{save,new} files as the packages are
installed. You'll be able to diff the files, choose your version, or spawn
a shell to check further.

If you think you could be interested in this feature, please have a look. If
you think it's a useful plugin and it's decently written (it's my first yum
plugin), I'll submit it to the yum list.


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