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Re: speed of yum depsolver

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Lun 12 mars 2007 17:19, seth vidal a écrit :

I'm getting a little annoyed at this conversation.

Apparently it is not acceptable for things to be not-working or
less-good in rawhide. Apparently, we have to go from one working state
to another perfectly working state w/o passing through any situation in
which it is not as functional.


There are enough unintentionnal failures in rawhide without piling up
intentionnal ones on them (plus we've passed F7T2 now). And
developper/tester respect goes both ways.

This is a *development* forum and we're talking about the *development* version of yum... For software to get better, sometimes new features have to be implemented, making it worse for a while, that the way it goes. And this is exactly why the development goes on in a separate tree. Nothing fishy about that at all.

Just my two cents.


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