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Re: User directories integration - request for help

André Kelpe wrote:

Because many people hate it, when something automagically clutters up
their home. My home is my castle :-)! I decide, not a tool, that thinks
it knows better than me...

Desktop is the folder you would seeing on a typical desktop environment. Not home. If are you not using a desktop environment, you wouldn't be using these applications either. So what they do would not affect you at all. Currently applications like Firefox actually save files into your desktop by default. Organizing the data better will result in less clutter. You can always customize it yourself.

Unix is about choice, not about "make everything, as it is in the other
operating system, which has My Documents, My Music, My A**".

Again providing defaults for these applications doesn't take away your ability to customize anything. We have continued to adopt several ideas from other operating systems if that makes sense and that is a good thing.


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