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New User With A Suggestion

Hello Developers,
I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for me to be making this suggestion, but I strongly felt that it needs to be made.

I've a very inexperienced linux user, and decided to give Fedora a try.  This was three days ago, and only just today can I log into linux.

The root of all problems came from the X config being installed with a default bit-depth of 24-bits.  My monitor does not support 24-bit color, only 16 and 32, so after installing Fedora, my monitor would simply flash "input not supported".  This may sound like a simple problem to you, but to me, a very inexperienced user, I was baffled as to why my monitor would not display the screen.  It also was not helpful, at all, to leave out X configuration during the installation.  I could have easily reinstalled Fedora, multiple times if necessary, and messed around with display settings to my heart's content.  I am familiar with this.  I am not familiar with learning how to switch to a virtual console, learn how to find the Xorg configuration file to edit manually (because system-config-display won't work -- it runs in 24-bits), and learn how to use an extremely confusing text editor (vi) from the console.

Ultimately, my prime and strong suggestion is to change the default bit-depth installed to 16-bits, or at the least, allow users to configure X during the installation process.

If this is the wrong place to be sending a suggestion, please let me know, and thanks for reading :)


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