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Re: Fedora extras metadata

Michael Schwendt wrote:

What is going on with fedora extras metadata lately?

Nothing. It's just the mirrors that choke on daily updates and don't sync
safely and frequently enough.

This seems to be happening more often that we could hope for.
Is there a documented way to set up mirroring, to ENSURE that the mirrors are in a consistent state? If not - and I believe this has been brought up earlier (by myself). I really think we could do with a simple timestamping mirror handshake mechanism, kinda like what debian does. This would allow mirrors to monitor for a special file and when that file is available, we know the mirror is in a consistent state (as consistent as it's master - which can also be tracked in this way). Mirrors could easily add a few lines to their scripts to honor this kind of thing, without the need for special mirroring tools.

Just a suggestion


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