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Merge Review Process, Clarification

As of yesterday, 21% of Merge Review tickets have been touched.

Merge Review as Cleanup Sweep
FESCO and Fedora Rel-eng have decided to treat the Merge Review as a
package quality cleanup sweep.  This means the Merge Review is not a
blocker for the Fedora Merge.  All Core packages will merge into the
Fedora distribution when the infrastructure is ready regardless of their
approval status.

Cleanup Sweep
Core package maintainers:
- Please continue to follow your Merge Review tickets and check changes
into your rawhide packages if they are technically sound.
- After the ticket is flagged fedora-review+ approved, the package may
be set to CLOSED RAWHIDE after the new binary package has been tested
and verified.

If disagreements occur between reviewers and package maintainers, please
escalate the issue to fedora-maintainers list.  fedora-maintainers is
our public facing, by-invite-only development discussion list that is
typically more focused than fedora-devel-list.  All Red Hat package
maintainers and engineers please subscribe to this list and I will
approve you.

Merge Review Cleanup Ends at Fedora 7 Test4
By the current schedule, this means April 16th.  We will want to slow
down the rate of churn at that point in order to ensure greater
distribution stability.  After this development freeze, please no longer
include mere cleanups to the rawhide packages unless there is a REALLY
GOOD REASON.  Any exceptions to the development freeze may be permitted
by standard release engineering procedures.

After Fedora 7 is released, Merge Review quality cleanups are to
continue in rawhide.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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