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Re: [RFC] Filesystem-local databases in mlocate

Miloslav Trmac wrote:

> Can anyone see a problem with the plan, or an important feature that the
> above fails to address?

I love your proposal, but I'm concerned with littering the roots of
all mountpoints with .mlocate and possibily 10 other dot files from
other applications.

I hope that you and the authors of other system services with
similar requirements could get together and come up with a standard
place for these files named .volume/, .info/, .db/ or something
similar.  Subsystems that may want to use it include full-text
search engines, quota, etc.

Great care must be taken to make all this metadata interoperable
between different architectures, operating systems and software

Maybe the LSB would care to publish a standard within the next
10 years?

   // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer R&D dept.
 \X/  http://www.develer.com/

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