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Re: speed of yum depsolver (use Smart to fix)

Matthew Miller wrote:

> I know it's kind of sad to laugh at my own joke, but I've been running with
> this plugin all week, and I can attest that it actually *has* significantly
> improved my Rawhide user experience. I think maybe I'll extend it to provide
> a variety of similar helpful tips at random.

I'm sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but switching to smart for my distro
upgrading stuff fixed the yum depsolver problem for me ultimately.

I had been looking at smart with interest for several months, but so far
I've been avoiding it for regular updates because it's so "unofficial".

And guess what?  Despite being beta, unofficial and unsupported, I've seen
Smart doing exactly the right thing in a number of complex situations where
yum had failed.  And it's much faster, and has three very usable and
feature-complete user interfaces too (gui, shell and cli).

I've also tried Smart on SuSE and it's much, much better than the native
tools even for the yast repository formats.  Never had the chance to test
Smart on Ubuntu or other DEB/APT distros, but at this point I'm willing
to bet on it working perfectly.

So: even if all things were equal, switching to smart means that you
need to learn one less custom tool when you need to use different Linux

   // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer R&D dept.
 \X/  http://www.develer.com/

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