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Re: Where Do I Debug Issues With An App Packaged By Fedora?

søn, 18 03 2007 kl. 19:57 -0700, skrev Timothy Spaulding:
> I'm an engineer and a user of Fedora.  I've used Fedora at work for years now.  Recently, I've run
> into some problems using Evolution with our corporate exchange server.  Figuring this was my
> chance to get involved with the community, I started digging into the Fedora and Gnome projects
> trying to figure out how to proceed.  The big question I have is:  Which project should I start
> with?
> Fedora packages Evolution, but as I understand it, doesn't really add anything to its development
> other than bug reports and some fixes.  Would it be more appropriate to start by installing the
> development versions of Evolution from Gnome?  Should I start by installing from rawhide?
> How do you make a decision about where to start debugging?  Also, I'd love to hear anyone's
> strategies with debugging a specific application on Fedora without disrupting the rest of the
> machine.

The traditional road would be installing the -debuginfo packages for
evolution and all it's dependencies, then use gdb to gain a bit of
insight into what's going on. It would be nice if you could expand on
the issue you are seeing, it's likely there's already a bug filed on the
issue which might give you additional information on where to start

Upstream for evolution is Novell, the very latest code is available via
the GNOME SVN repo at svn.gnome.org.

- David Nielsen

"Ridicule is the only weapon that can be used against unintelligible
propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them.” 
-Thomas Jefferson 

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