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Re: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

"desktop" doesn't mean "standalone".

For the Live CD that's mostly the use case. Live CD has very limited space. So they have to very much targeted towards a particular set of users. See the package list.

nfs, nis, rpc are used by desktops once they integrate into a network.

Those folks can integrating it on the network can enable them. There is no reason to enable them by default.

If there was something to report, I would have done so.  >
When ever I enable Network Manager, for me, absolutely NOTHING
network-related works. I.e. NetworkManager for me works SO POOR, I can't
even test nor report bugs (It is seemingly screwing up on several things
at the same time. Amongst them DHCP, NIS, DNS and network interfaces - I
even saw network device names change at run-time).

You said it doesn't work for you. If you consider that a bug then you should file a bug report on a best effort basis. Developers can always ask for more information if they need it to solve the problem. If there is no bug report there cannot be even a attempt made to resolve it. Asking it to be disabled by default just because it does not work for you with no bug reports is not very reasonable. Sorry.

That's why I say "weak spot" - There is no "one-fits-all set of daemons
to enable/disable" - Each situation is different, but there is hardly
any means to customize an installation for an individual situation
during installation with Fedora.

Anaconda, Kickstart, targeted and custom spins enable you to customize Fedora for individual situations. Don't they? We aren't talking about what daemons can be enabled for Fedora in general which then is indeed very hard to define but about the GNOME based Live CD for Fedora 7 Test 2 release.


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