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Re: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Lun 19 mars 2007 13:29, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
Benny Amorsen wrote:
"JB" == Josh Boyer <jwboyer jdub homelinux org> writes:
JB> cpuspeed is very useful, especially in the case of a laptop which
JB> several people use as their desktop. Your narrow definition of a
JB> desktop is perhaps too limiting.

cpuspeed really isn't optional on modern desktop machines either.
Rahul Sundaram may have lots of machines with fixed clockspeeds, but
that is no reason to not support newer stuff.
There is simply no need to get personal. If hardware doesn't support it,
it needs to be disabled by default. Disagree?

If a large proportion of hardware supports it, and launching it for the
rest is relatively harmless, it needs to be enabled by default.

Do we know if a large portion of hardware supports it, useful on those? Wouldn't gnome-power-manager be enough on those systems?

I find it ridiculous to push network manager (which is only really needed
for wifi users, for hardware we have free drivers for, and tends to mess
up the system when going bad) and ask to remove cpuspeed.

Where did I ask for cpuspeed to be removed? You are just making things up now.


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