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[BUG] Fast User Switching


i`m having a strange bug in Fedora Core 7 latest version with all updates.
somehow the fast user switching seems to cause problems (while loading in the applet) and crashes gnome completely. the only thing you can do than is restart X.
thankfully the gnome bug reporting tool found it out and offered me to disable the broken applet and i did that. (took me about 100x restarting...)

now this applet is turned off in my root account and gnome is running fine but somehow my user account still has problems. sometimes gnome fully loads without any problems.. sometimes the desktop icons are all gone and most of the time the top bar (with the applets in it) is just not completely loaded and simply be useless because i can`t click any things in it.

now could this also be because of the broken fast user switching?
if so.. how do i remove it from gnome in text mode? since i obviously can`t remove it by clicking on it because the entire bar is useless most of the times..


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