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Re: SSH on by default? (Was: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd)

Le Mar 20 mars 2007 10:11, Alexander Boström a écrit :
> mån 2007-03-19 klockan 15:21 +0530 skrev Rahul Sundaram:
>> Hi
>> Been fiddling with a installation of Fedora 7 Test 2 from the Live CD
>> and it still enables way too may daemons by default.
> Oh, is the SSH server still enabled by default (if you install the
> openssh-server package)?
> Because if it is, pretty pretty please disable it!
> People don't use good passwords and they don't realize that their
> password can be used remotely. Giving millions of people an sshd they
> don't know or care about is a recipe for zombie machines and bad
> security reputation.

Disabling ssh is not a good solution, many people need it. However the
default fedora ssh setup is woefully insecure

At least ssh rate-limiting should be in the default firewall install.
Pam_abl would be even better (for other network services)

Haven't we sat on this problem too long already ?

Nicolas Mailhot

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