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new list: Fedora-kernel-list.

In days of old, changes to the Fedora kernel would typically
mean sending me a patch in an email.   These days, now that
we've got more than one fulltime Fedora kernel maintainer,
it's meant I've had to educate people into adding Chuck onto
the Cc: when people send me stuff.
Rather than have to go through this process each time someone
new joins the kernel team, creating a mailing list, and adding
more people to a mailing list seems to make more sense.

Rather than have another internal @redhat list however, it
makes more sense in the interests of openness to make this
an external list that *anyone* can subscribe to should they
feel motivated to do so.

So here it is:

I'm sure there'll be additional purposes for the list over time,
but off the top of my head, I come up with..

* Things like public decisions over config options, other
  packaging decisions, and just general 'direction'.
  A lot of decisions happen just inside my head right now,
  or in hallways on the rare occasions I make it to the office.
  With this list, hopefully I can get a little more of that
  info public, and surprise less people when things happen.

* We could also use it as a place for people to send
  patches that belong in Fedora (be they backported ones
  for older releases, or 'lets try this' type one-offs
  that may not belong upstream).

* We could also use it for bug-discussion and the like,
  although it wouldn't replace bugzilla, but instead compliment it.

* Userspace bits on the periphery of the kernel (mkinitrd etc).

What the list isn't for:
* Anything that would be better discussed upstream at linux-kernel vger kernel org



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