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Re: Quota per directory

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 02:14am, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
> Coming from a systems administration background, I was very surprised to
> find out that fedora (well Linux actually) doesn't have a per directory
> quota. It is very common and needed IMHO to have a quota per directory, as
> the directory basically represents a project some people are working on.
> One would want to make sure that a certain project would not consume all
> disk space. Only XFS seemed to have per "project" quota (I even think the
> Linux implementation doesn't have that!)

Linux "only" has per-filesystem quota support.  You're asking for what's 
called "tree quotas" support.

> Is there any technical reason why ext3 does not offer such functionality,

AIUI, tree quota implementations found in commercial UNIX systems have a very 
large impact on filesystem performance.  The per-filesystem quotas have very 
little impact on performance.

> or has it just not been done?

I've been told that there is development work underway (for several years now) 
to create a tree quotas implementation for Linux, but that those doing the 
work are only going to release it if they can do it without the massive 
performance overhead typicall of the commercial UNIX implementations.

> Is anyone aware of any patches to add such 
> functionality?

AFAIK (and with just a quick Google search), there are no tree quotas 
implementations for Linux that are "off the ground" and running yet.
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