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Re: SSH on by default? (Was: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd)

On 3/21/07, Alexander Boström <abo kth se> wrote:
tis 2007-03-20 klockan 21:53 +0100 skrev Thomas M Steenholdt:

> However, since we're talking about the default configuration
> here, I feel this would make it "too hard" to get sshd set up initally.
>   If we disable password auth completely, we would have to manually put
> public keys in place via USB keys or something. That's too much work.

Yes, correct, an ssh server that's on by default but with password auth
disabled is pointless, because it's completely unusable. There's no
point in requiring people to fiddle with it to make it work. Either you
leave it in a usable state by default or you disable it completely by

How about 'on' by default, but a page in first boot turns if 'off' by
default? So the gurus who don't see firstboot, but will liikely need
ssh will have it on.  But the newbies who don't know what ssh is, will
leave firstboot to turn it off, while those of us inbetween will have
the choice.

Fedora Core 6 and proud

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