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KDE-Live-CD (Round 2): testing of included packages


Yo may have noticed that I've chosen 5 basic rounds for the KDE-LiveCD [1]. To 
the first round (choosing packages) I've only got some few answers. So I 
think the current cd layout is ok.

The next round should be the testing of the installed packages. Some of them 
may need some configuration to work from a livecd. Some things I have noticed 
so far:
- knetworkmanager vs. kwifimanger: I don't own a laptop. So I've not noticed 
that kwifimanager is also started automatically. Splitting of kdenetwork 
should resolve this point.
- the start of kdm is really slow (compared with gdm)

And the current version has also some problems:

- When selinux is enabled the system-config-tools are not working. Booting 
with enforcing=0 or selinux=0 avoids this. That is a point where I need some 
help because I have not much experiences with selinux.
- minor issue: messagebus complains about an username "gdm"

If someone knows a good hoster I can upload the current version to it. This 
could make it a little bit easier for some people to just test the cd.

Note to the localized versions: Because I don't get _any_ mail for the needed 
configurations, this point would left to the local communities completely. 
This also affects the third point in the test plan (3).


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureFedoraKDE/KDELiveCD

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