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Which unresolved bugs block a release?


Being somewhat new to the Fedora releases I'm looking for a better understanding of how the release process works and the methodology Fedora uses to determine when a release is ready to ship.  I'd like to document this if it isn't done already.

Earlier in the week this page was discussed: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/7/MustHave

I am curious how we determine which open bugs must also be fixed in order to reach GA?  I would think some of these bugs are tied to the "MustHaves?"  I ran a few queries and was left wondering how bugs really do play into the GA of a new release when there are so many open bugs from the previous releases and "Development."

I ran a quick query of the Fedora Core and found the following number of *unresolved* bugs in the state of: "NEW" "ASSIGNED" or "MODIFIED."

Product: "Fedora Core"
FC5T1       20	
FC5T2	    24	
FC5T3	    80	
FC5GA	 1,545	 --------
  FC5 Total       1,669

FC6T1	    37	
FC6T2	    82	
FC6T3	   153	
FC6GA	 2,315	 --------
  FC6 Total       2,587

Development	   2,859
Total Bugs         7,115
This raised a few questions for me:
1) Is there a mechanism to know which of the bugs above must be fixed or FC7 to GA?
2) What process do we go through to close these bugs?
3) How does Fedora decide a release is ready to GA?
4) How are bugs from previous releases considered in the planning process?


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