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Re: Which unresolved bugs block a release?

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Thursday 22 March 2007 12:29:42 John Poelstra wrote:
Has the project discussed or determined how we will:
1) Close out the approximately 7,000+ open bugs?
2) Handle future releases in a way that the backlog doesn't get so high?

Do you have any ideas?  You're part of the projet.

This is something which has amazed / annoyed me too, I've tried several times to start a community effort to something about this metric, but sofar with little success.

These bugs fall into 2 categories:
1) Bugs which are simply being ignored by @redhat.com people who need to be hit
   with the cluebat (repeatedly)
2) Really really hard bugs (think xorg / kernel / hal /mkinitrd)

Most likely a lot of 1) bugs are already solved but never got closed / retested, others should be taken upstream (and thus closed in Fedora BZ), etc.

/me thinks we really should do something about the category 1 bugs....



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