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Re: /usr/share/java and JNI libraries

Le lundi 26 mars 2007 à 11:06 -0600, Orion Poplawski a écrit :
> Two questions:
> - Who should own /usr/share/java?

jpackage-utils is the master package that owns java-related directories
(and other java packaging policy-related files)

Policy is open to discussion @fedora and @jpackage, but a central policy
package makes managing things easier.

> and that's just from core.
> - Where should JNI libraries be installed?  plplot wants to install into 
> /usr/lib/jni, but that doesn't look like it's used by anyone else.

%{_jnidir} is the correct place according do jpackage naming conventions

It's never seen much use, because packaging basic java classes is hard
and jni code is harder. So it could probably be redefined if the current
default is found lacking. However because jni classes depend on arch
code, it should stay %{_libdir}-based IMHO.


Nicolas Mailhot

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