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Re: Presto logging

Jesse Keating wrote:

It's relying on mirrors to use OUR script to mirror content though, and we can't count on A) they'd use our script instead of whatever else they're using to sync other data, B) they're even using a host with bash/sh on it.

That's what I find so good about this solution. True, you'd need to do something extra to comply with the "mirroring protocol", but there is NO need for special mirroring scripts. It's all about putting a timestamp in a plain text. No need for special mirror scripts and it's easily doable on every single platform that I can think of. We should not provide any custom tools to perform this sync IMO, but supply a fedora mirroring howto, outlining what should be done. Mirror admins are then free to choose what ever sync tool/protocol he'd like, to perform the actual sync (rsync, ftp, cifs, nfs, <fav sync method here>), as long as he remembers to put a simple date in a file, when he's done.


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