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Re: Initscripts and LSB compliance

Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 09:51:25AM +0200, Michal Marciniszyn wrote:
due to my recent investigations, nearly none of the initscripts that we have included in RHEL/Fedora are LSB (Linux Standard Base) compliant. I'm not talking about problems with %config stuff, but about the functionality of the scripts. Main problems are constructions like

Why does this matter?  The init scripts in RHEL/Fedora aren't meant to be
run on any LSB compliant distro, they are meant to be run on RHEL/Fedora.
All we should care is that you can install a LSB compliant application
on our distro and that it's LSB compliant init script will work as
required by LSB.
What if LSB compliant application needs correct return codes of stripts that initialize the services (if something is broken)? And btw. there are guidelines for initscripts in RHEL that are equivalent to LSB and directly points you to LSB... I can give you link if you're interested.
[ -f /etc/service_conffile ] || exit 0

The fewer commands the script runs the shorter is the startup time,
something we really care about.

That is true, however, previous construction is completely wrong if you think about it... It is just same as if for example ifconfig eth0 up returns code 0 when eth0 does not exist.


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