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Re: rawhide report: 20070327 changes

On 27.03.2007 12:46, Richard Hughes wrote:
>>  in X? Especially using plain VGA or framebuffer seems to influence the
>> options that are needed to bring the video device back to work a lot in
>> my experience.
> That's the plan. Without X we are sunk.

/me wonders who'll be the first that says "X is overrated; 80 colums and
24 (25?) lines is more then enough to run irssi"

>>   Side note: Ubuntu and Suse both use framebuffer, Fedora a plain text
>> console normally; so a quirk that works on Fedora maybe doesn't help on
>> Suse (or the other way around).
> Well, all this is very new. The very least we will achieve is to get
> screens to turn back on when they come back from suspend, i.e. to DPMS
> on where needed, and to poke vbetool and restore vbestate. Some other
> odd quirks like radeontool are present, but completely untested.

Well, we'll see how it evolves. Anyway: thx for your great work Richard!

> [...]


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