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Re: VESA driver hsync config problem

On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 15:45 -0500, Ted X Toth wrote:
> Correct x.log (which is a capture of stdout and stderr and not the real 
> log file,  Xorg.0.log) was a capture of the failure mode, no HorizSync 
> in the config file. I sent that because the GTK error message doesn't 
> get written to Xorg.0.log. So the scenario is the server seems to be 
> coming up just fine then the GTK error occurs and the server aborts.
> The way I originally figured out to add HorizSync to the config file was 
> by debugging through the server and seeing a huge obviously invalid 
> value for the horizontal sync. What I'm going to do is go back and 
> figure out exactly where that value was coming from and hopefully that 
> will shed some light on the root of the problem.

Please don't top post.

You're still managing to avoid the original question here, which is
"what should the vesa driver do when it notices it's being run under
Parallels".  Every log I've seen from you is of the server _starting_,
and getting far enough that it can actually serve clients.

We can easily fix the vesa driver to do something smarter in that
situation, which avoids ever screwing with the config file, or with the
horror of s-c-d.

- ajax

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