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Re: fc6 gaim update is BROKEN!

Warren Togami wrote:
dragoran wrote:
FC6 got a gaim update today which was not in updates testing before.
Its completly broken... changing status without typing a message -> segfault
When logging into icq it shows a message "Could not add buddy 1"
Downgrade is also not possible because it somehow changed the contents of .gaim

I'm sorry that this isn't working out for you. It worked very well for me and a few other testers. Nobody complained about these problems about this version sitting in rawhide for quite a while now.

I do see the ICQ problem (which seems harmless), but not the segfault. Could you please file Bugzilla reports for problems that you experience?

I did
Please use this guide to get a useful backtrace.

ok thx for this link, I tryed to create a backtrace but it hangs gdb ... will try again tomorrow and if I can find the problem I will attach a patch to the bugzilla report, else the backtrace
Why has this package made it to updates without any previous testing?

This is valid criticism.  In this case I thought it was unnecessary.

Whatever happened in the past, we cannot undo it, so please focus on filing constructive bugs instead of only criticizing.

sorry if I sounded like this but I was about to get crazy because of the strange things that happend (no text in the ui, unknown account etc.) when I downgraded, but now the downgrade worked (replacing prpl-icq with prpl-oscar in accounts.xml did it) ;)
I fully intend on continuing to upgrade gaim in FC6 toward the gaim 2.0.0 final.
this is a good thing :)
If not I would complain about this ;)
If you don't complain about problems, then they might reach 2.0.0 final.If it makes you happier, I'll make more frequent use of updates-testing in the future.

yes this is what updates testing is for, please don't throw untested packages at the users.
Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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