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Re: Yum-presto (deltarpms) ready for testing.

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 06:13 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Pretty good savings and the system seems to be functioning as expected in my limited testing. At this point it might be useful to put the plugin in the repository atleast in the devel branch and get more mirrors using the drpms for wider testing. We should consider having this plugin enabled and installed by default for Fedora 7 release.

While I'm very much in favor of getting it out and more easily available
to people, there's no way we should make this the default for Fedora 7
at this point.

Please see the definition of "feature freeze" :-)

I was kind of expecting someone to jump on that. Feature freeze doesn't apply to new packages in Fedora Extras till test 4. If installing a package by default from Fedora Extras requires a exception to the feature freeze please consider this as my exception request to release engineering.


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