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Re: Yum-presto (deltarpms) ready for testing.

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 06:13 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> > So yeah, I'm curious.  Have you managed to do your update yet?  If you
> > have, what kind of savings did you see?
> The yum transaction failed with a unsigned gpg key error. Turned off gpg 
> key check and reran yum. Yum showed it was downloading 400+ MB but 
> proceeded to use the rpms build in the cache by presto in the previous 
> run. However it ended up showing now savings at all in the presto log. 
> You might want to check how the plugin is handling failed gpg checks.
The plugin actually doesn't touch the gpg keys.  By the time we get to
the gpg check, the drpm should have already been assembled into the rpm.
I'll try to track this down.  

> Did a fresh installation again with the default set of packages. Turned 
> off gpg key. Ran yum install yum first followed by yum update. Here is 
> the presto log.
> Download Size (without DRPM),Download Size (with DRPM),Percentage 
> Savings,Total Percentage Savings
> 493372,132236,74,74
> 509267102,126959924,76,76
Brilliant!  For my connection, that's the difference between over four
hours of downloading and just over an hour.

> Pretty good savings and the system seems to be functioning as expected 
> in my limited testing. At this point it might be useful to put the 
> plugin in the repository atleast in the devel branch and get more 
> mirrors using the drpms for wider testing. We should consider having 
> this plugin enabled and installed by default for Fedora 7 release.
I'm very honored that you think this is that close to being ready for a
full release.  I do see a few problems (aside from the obvious ones
brought up by Jesse and Jeremy).  The biggest one is that the
createprestorepo script is very hacky at the moment.  I think it will
need a good bit of work before I would feel comfortable depending on it,
and, as I've said, I'm focusing on the client at the moment.

I think our best bet is to get it included into Extras (which may be a
bit of a struggle if I'm to maintain it as I don't maintain any other
packages).  We should then talk with Fedora Infrastructure and see if
they're interested in creating Presto repositories.  If we don't run
into any major problems during the F7/Rawhide timeline, maybe we can get
it installed and enabled by default for F8.  (Though I will definitely
use it during the whole FC6/F7 timeline.)

Currently, the drpms for updates use 637MB, while the drpms for extras
is only using 65MB (though this would be a highly inaccurate number as
I've only been mirroring extras for a week and they don't keep old rpms
for very long).
> Rahul
Thanks again for the vote of confidence!


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