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Re: Is it a bug or intentionally done?

lol to much information ;)
i know what i wanted to know.. no need for a expensive digital camera ;)

thanx for all the reply`s.

2007/3/29, Oisin Feeley < oisin feeley gmail com>:
On 3/29/07, Nicolas Mailhot < nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
> Why are you all trying to confuse the man? Just put the screen-thing on a
> XEROX machine and press the button. Then FAX the result. You've never
> heard of the modern electronic office, have you?

Nonsense.  20 minutes work by a class of diligent 5th-graders armed
with rulers and color-charts should provide him with ample information
to whip up an implementation of a Cohen-Daubechies-Feauveau wavelet on
the back of an envelope which will be a bitrot-proof mathematical
description of his screen.  This will be trivially understood by
anyone without any need for pointless image processing software, or
indeed a computer screen.


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