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Re: NTFS-3G just released (3-28-07). inclusion to FC7?

Nicolas Antonio Corrarello wrote:
I thought ntfs was non-free because there is a patent associated.
Remember the good ol' friends, the one from Redmond and Novel

If there is a patent question associated with the latest ntfs-3g sources, MS must declare its patent rights and inform the offending party/parties to be enforceable. I just look at the source codes, and all seem to be released under GNU Public License (GPL). So I assumed nothing there is non-free or it will violate the spirit of GPL.

I think as hardware/software virtualization improved and optimized, ntfs-3g will be less significant, if not already.

dragoran escribió:
eric magaoay wrote:
Just wondering if it is possible to incorporate this latest stable
version into FC7.
Existing version in repo: ntfs-3g.x86_64 2:1.0-1.fc7
fill a bug (RFE) against ntfs-3g in bugzilla

OK, I will do it upon completion of my test.


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