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Re: mono and silverlight

On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 20:09:11 +0100, you wrote:

>> If the code is actually inside mono 2.0, we need to strip it out of the tarball.
>> If this is just an extension, we can just disable it. Moonlight/Silverlight are 
>> forbidden items in Fedora.
>./configure --help says 
>--with-moonlight=yes,no If you want to build the Moonlight 2.1
>A quick look through the codebase doesn't show anything much though...

>From the Moonlight INSTALL file:

Moonlight: Silverlight 2.0 API support

	If you want to support the Silverlight 2.0 API (managed
	support, this includes the Mono runtime and .NET APIs to run
	apps) you will need in addition to:

		* Install Mono from SVN (you need both the mono and
	  	  mcs modules).

		  Use the --with-moonlight=yes option to configure

>From looking through the mono configure file it looks like the
--with-moonlight option just adds the required support to mono that
Moonlight needs to run (Silverlight 2 requires a .NET runtime,
Silverlight 1 was entirely independent of a .NET runtime).

So it appears all that is needed to keep Moonlight out of Fedora is to
not package the Moonlight tarball which is a separate download.

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