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Re: maintainer groups

Colin Walters wrote:

I'd like to see more explicit support in Fedora for maintainership
"groups".  For example, I would love if I could have some of my random
dependency Java packages be owned by something like
"java-maint fedoraproject org".   We already have some existing teams
(gecko-maint, etc.)

 How do the current groups work?  What's the process for creating new ones?

The current implementation is that these groups are pseudo-users in the account system. It basically buys you an email alias that you can use for assigning bugzilla bugs to. To get one setup, ask me and I'll create it in FAS and migrate the pkgdb ownership.

In the future we need to make these into true groups so that cvs acls can be applied to them. However, there's a few things that make that an invasive change:

1) have to teach the pkgdb that groups can own packages (since the reason for the current implementation is so bz ownership can be to a mailing list).

2) Create UI that allows people within a group to add the group as owner/comaintainer on a package.

3) Audit pkgdb and pkgdb dependent scripts to make sure they can handle groups as owners.


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