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Re: Pulseaudio : lots of issues, how can I help?

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 15:39 +0200, Denis Leroy wrote:
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

 > There is simply not enough console users [cut] to do anything but
 > life support anymore.

On what facts do you base that opinion ?

Probably, because most console users already quit using Fedora,


And situation is worse than simply loss of a rare segment of the market.

Who are "console users"? Most cases they are users who began for a long time ago (when GUI was either poor or unavailable). Lacking such "long time ago" users, we lack all their skills, knowledge, intuition. And as begun for a long time, many of them have already made their career, and even make decisions now. Decisions not for Fedora.

Anyway, while Fedora is (still) considered as "general purpose disto", it should has console.


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