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Tried Pulse Audio Again--No Good For A11y

I just decided to give pa another go--so that I could speak from recent
experience. I went to my /etc/alsa/alsa.conf and uncommented line 11.
Then, I rebooted.

1.)	There continues to be no audio indication of when gdm is ready.
This despite the fact that I have "SoundOnLogin=true" in my
/etc/gdm/custom.conf. The builtin GDM "audio icon" doesn't play, neither
does GDM beep when it launches, nor can I get a beep from pressing

2.)	Ctrl-S does not work in GDM. This is gdm-2.22.0-8.fc9. Should I
try from rawhide?

3.)	Logging in I hear first the GDM "audio logo," think I'll call it
an earcon from now on. But, Orca launches in my secondary audio device.
That's inappropriate, but I have no way to control that except to unplug
my secondary and tertiary audio devices and start over.

4.)	Logging back in with only one audio device on board, Orca does
indeed startup on that device--but it seems I have to choose between
Orca and playing other audio. How quaint! I thought we got past this
silly "one sound at a time" view back around alsa-0.9. Does anyone
recall the alsa FAQ used to claim this was appropriate back then?

Well, it still isn't appropriate, but that's what's happening. If I
paplay some .wav from a Gnome-Terminal, then attempt to go somewhere off
my Alt-F1 (Applications) menu--there's no Orca until my .wav ends. I
guess it would be like the screen blanking while the cd audio disc
plays? Very curious, indeed.

5.)	While I paplay, I try to go Ctrl-Alt-F1. While I'm not prevented
from doing so, paplay believes it should pause playing while I'm away
from the gui tty. Now, who's the genius that figured out this "feature?"

Needless to say, line 11 is again pounded off.



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