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Re: secure IMAP applet

Never mind. I didn't change anything, but it's working now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Justin Georgeson wrote:
Ok, I managed to get that setup, wasn't very intuitive. I'm having trouble with the handshake failing as the certificate isn't signed by a recognized authority, how do I import it so that stunnel will accept it?

Paul Gear wrote:

Justin Georgeson wrote:

One of the biggest reasons I like the combined nature of the mozilla
suite is I get notified of new mail with just a browser window open. To
my knowledge, the "inbox monitor" applet that comes with gnome does not
support secure imap though (imap over ssl on port 993). Am I wrong? Can
anyone recommend a sercure IMAP enabled GNOME panel applet? I don't want
to have to leave thunderbird running unminimized in order to get new
mail notifications, and don't want to send my password over the internet

You could run stunnel on your local system and configure your IMAP panel applet to look at localhost as your mail server...

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