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Re: Can I use the build files after the system is up?

Le mer 17/09/2003 à 22:31, George Anzinger a écrit :
> I am running 8.0
> System is up and running, I want to add open office.
> All the rpm files are on the hard drive as files (not CD images).
> I would like to run some installer that will resolve all the 
> dependencies and install open office.
> red-config-packages seems to be hung up on wanting a CD or a CD image. 
>   Surly there is a simple way to do this...
> While on this subject, is there a way to get up2date or some such to 
> update this set of files?

Update up2date with : https://rhn.redhat.com/help/latest-up2date.pxt

Launch rhn_register to register the machine.

Install OpenOffice
# up2date --install openoffice

Féliciano Matias <feliciano matias free fr>

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