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Re: Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Devrim GUNDUZ (devrim gunduz org) said: 
> > Red Hat will be doing a lot of development and other work on the Fedora
> > Project, but it's not a product that you can buy from us. We're working
> > on the Fedora Project in the same way that we work on other projects
> > such as Mozilla or the Linux kernel.
> <snip>
> So, people will use "Fedora" on desktops and some servers. It'll be 
> available on internet, right?

It's intended for use by developers, linux enthusiasts, etc. It
will be freely availble without any use restrictions specifically
on it.

> "Downloads" : What does "source and binaries" mean? I hope there will be 
> an installer ;)

The OS releases will be available via the normal release mechanisms,
such as ISO images or FTP-able trees.

> What about updates? Will they be available from RHN? 

They will be available via FTP/etc., and also via RHN.

> Who will maintain the packages? 

The package maintainer. :)

> Recalling the openssh bug: Let's say I'm the maintainer of OpenSSH RPMS.
> I'm on holiday and a bug was released. Who will be 
> responsible for that unclosed bug?

Technically, no one else will be specifically responsible, unless you
as package maintainer want to designate someone while you're unavailable.
(Note that most all packages that are also included in RHEL will
have a Red Hat person following development as well.) 

Obviously, for cases like OpenSSH, project leadership can step in and
kick someone to do updates when they're critically necessary; it would
be the responsible thing to do, and I really don't think we'll have a
shortage of people available to do it, both inside and outside Red Hat.


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