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Re: Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Havoc wrote:

> The intent _is_ to add the latest released versions of packages, 
> though, to have feature updates rather than bugfixes-only, and to have
> frequent releases.

I hope there is still more room for the 'right' people to discuss some
of the intended qualities of what fedora is going to have. As an
outsider looking in at the development process that is being built
around fedora...i get the feeling that the frequent release cycles might
not sit well with a segment of the community that has a large potential
to provide competent and meaningful contribution as new members to this
process...the .edu admins and the small companies that provide .edu
hardware for starters, though I think there are a lot of R&D facility
administrators like cluster facilities at .gov that are on the fence
about participating in this community. People who could and would become
invested...if they thought Fedora was going to be something that could
be developed to scratch their needed itch.

Hopefully the shaping of the 'intent' is subject to some sort of 
sweat-equity. If I could  harp on the release cycle issue a little bit
more from my outside perspective, for a moment. I think the policies
around Fedora Legacy might be a good place to resolve some issues that
are keeping some contributors on the fence and not investing their time
into this community. If the fast paced EOL of Core is the big issue they
have problems with, they could first become involved through Fedora
Legacy maintenance to scratch their own itch over the EOL issue. In the
process they could earn some sweat-equity to influence the intent and
direction of core.

I think the stated intent and objectives on the current website and
Havoc's re-iteration here on the mailing list are probably a best effort
description of where the interest and constraints of current set of
contributors lie. The real trick, is going to be giving the important
people who have different interests an entry point into the process
early on, so new people can invest their mutant genes in the
evolutionary process.

-jef"If Fedora was a Hollywood motion picture...Red Hat would get
executive producer credits"spaleta    

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