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Re: Severn and Gnome 2.4

Yes and no... it is a usb mouse, using the PS/2 adapter through my KVM. I did hook up this mouse up directly to this machine, and had the same results. Mouse is a Logitech Mx700... this is a laptop, and if I remember correctly I had the same prob with the touch pad last night. It happens very frequently but not every time.

I haven't had this problem with previous versions of RH.


Michael K. Johnson wrote:

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 12:40:34PM -0400, Kreg Steppe wrote:

Gnome 2.4 is great, however has anyone else had a problem with windows being sticky to the mouse?
I mean I click on a title bar to change focus, and I move the mouse the the window is in a move state following my mouse around until I click once again then it drops.

Do you have a USB mouse?


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