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Re: Fedora's Gaim no longer works with Yahoo

On 2003-09-25 at 15:01, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> Anyone else notice that the version of Gaim that comes from fedora.us no
> longer works with Yahoo. Yahoo has updated their system so that it
> apparently requires some changes and they are no longer accepting
> connections from Gaim. Ymessenger 1.0.4 for Linux does work - the RH9
> RPM installs correctly on Severn.
> Since I use more than Yahoo Messenger, it would be nice to see an update
> to Gaim out there. I think there is a newer version which does work
> correctly.

Until Raw Hide gets the new gaim, you can use:


Basically just the Raw Hide gaim upgraded to 0.69. There is a small
patch to work around a bug in po/Makefile.in.in. Yahoo works great.


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