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Re: Bugzilla filing

Charles Curley wrote:
> * Do I file on Red Hat's bugzilla or fedora's?

As of now last i heard
severn is at redhat's bugzilla.  Fedora.us's bugzilla is just for
add on packages still being maintained separately by the the people
working at Fedora.us. The structural support for the move from RHL to
Fedora isn't all there yet.

>* Red Hat's Bugzilla "version" field has no entry for severn. Which
>  version do I file it under?
Red Hat Linux Beta

beta1 if its severn beta 1

>* Should I use "openoffice" or "installation" in the component field?

that's a bit tougher...you might want to search through previous bug reports
of a similar nature and see where they are placed. Even if its not
clear, its best to report it and if the developer tells you its in the
wrong place, you can refile it where they suggest.

I would also suggest that any further questions about the test/beta
releases that you are going to have should be directed to
fedora-test-list mailing list. Not that this question is off topic here,
and the announcement this week was more than enough information to
dominate the discussion on every possible list like a tidal wave. But
now that the mental flood waters are receeding and the next test/beta
iso set is coming out...it would be good to have fedora-test-list become
focused again on the beta/test discussion..leaving some of the more
general questions about the non technical beta/test issues of Fedora for
this list here.


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